My Background

My love for animals started at an early age. By the time I was 13, I was volunteering at the local animal shelter and raising awareness about animal cruelty, as well as considering and changing what I put on my plate.

My passion for animals really took a major leap again when I got my first horse, Kayleigh in my early twenties. Three months later she needed to have double colic surgery. When she came home (a miracle in itself)  I gave a home a little abused, aged, heavily in foal pony to keep her company, so ended up with a foal too. So my beginnings with equines very much through me in at the deep end!
Over the years I have opened my home to many different animals:
Horses in need of rehabilitation, from minitaures to 17.2hh, peafowl, bantums, cats, rabbits, gineau fowl, ducks, geese, turkeys. 

I have qualifications in: Animal Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing, Food and Enironmental Allergies, Meridian Therapies, Bach Flower Remedies and Equine Behaviour. CPD in Homeopathy and Zoopharmocognosy and Masterson Method - to name a few.
Around 90% of my work is equine based, but I also work regularly with cats and dogs. I work with all species of animals, which over the years have included: llamas, reptiles, rabbits and rodents, many different species of wild animals, primates, elephants, a dolphin, as well as many others.

Please note: I do not work with lost and stolen pets.


Graeme Green
The Mindful Horse

Andree Ralph
The Free Spirit Ponies Project

Liz Harris
McTimoney Chiropractor & Massage

I have engaged Holly on various occasions as an intermediary. She provides powerful and much needed insights. I would highly recommend her without reservation.
​Holly has helped me with a number of situations where I needed to find out exactly what several members of our herd needed at particular times and this enabled me to ensure that their needs were met on all levels. In particularly difficult times this has made a huge difference to both myself and the herd. There are very few people I trust with the welfare of my equine family and Holly is most definitely on that list. I would highly recommend Holly.
I contacted Holly to ask her to communicate with my Thoroughbred gelding. I had taken him on knowing he was "dangerous" and was trying to work through his problems. Holly's communication with him was amazing and fascinating! In fact, she suggested my horse could be autistic, which was exactly the conclusion the consultant vet came to (many months later) - but that cost me over £4000! If you are having problems with your pet or simply would like to know how they "tick", I would highly recommend Holly. Thank you :)

Avis Senior
Author - Riding in the 21st Centuary 

​I got to know Holly Davis through our passion for animals and communicating with them. She has been a great support to me over the years - both professionally and personally, particularly when it was time for my greyhound Purdy to leave her body. What an amazing day that was - all compliments of Holly! If you're looking for some-one you can trust completely, look no further than Holly Davis.

Kerry Mortlock

Jodie Whyte
Equine Massage Therapist

OMG, just had the most amazing, emotional, heart filled, phone call with Holly. Just so bang on, felt so close to my gorgeous boy, and couldn't recommend Holly enough. A truely incredible experience.
Thank you Holly.
Really lovely, talented and thorough lady. Spent a limitless time with me on the phone and I totally enjoyed.
Hand Made Cards
I have a selection of handmade cards in stock and I am happy to create bespoke orders.
Wedding, Birthday, Get Well Soon etc...
Weddimg/occasion and day wear jewellery, all handmade and bespoke designs are avilable.
My other passion is crafts
Bespoke/personalised iron on decals in various colours, pictures and wording, including glitter and other special vinyls.
In my spare time I love to make crafts and gifts and I am currently building my purpose dedicated website for this.

Whilst this is in the early stages, I can supply bespoke cards, iron on (including personalised and bespoke) decals, day wear and occasion/wedding jewellery made to your own design.

My aim is to make my jewellery out of quality materials, whilst at the same time making it easily affordable.