Bach Flower Remedy - flower essences were created by Edward Bach.
He discovered that by using a special technique,he was able to create formulas linked to each emotional state.
​Bach Flower Remedies work on a similar principle to homeopathy, but they are limited to working on the emotions. The upside of this is that by helping to balance emotions, when stress is reduce, this will also have a positive impact on the physical body too.
An in depth consultation is done, this will also be based on how the animal is feeling, as well as the behaviours that they are displaying. Once a larger picture of the issue is then pieced together, various remedies will be added together into a mixer bottle for the animal’s personal prescription.
​I use original Bach Flower Remedies which are alcohol based. (personal prescriptions are literally drops diluted into 30mls of spring water). Dogs and cats tend to be alright with this, but often rodents and cats prefer glycerine based remedies made by other companies.
Booking a Consultation

If you wish to book a consultation, please call:
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I always aim to answer emails within 24 hours
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